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Cutting or Wood Boarding

Maderera Pizarro provides various services for the treatment of wood or product. The cutting of wood consists on the transformation from a log of wood to a product with specific dimensions of width, length and thickness; in order to be used in a later process, as it is the manufacture of furniture, houses, among others . When cutting the logs, powders or small grains of wood (sawdust) are also produced.

Brushing of Wood

In addition to the wood boarding, Maderera Pizarro offers the brushing service. Brushing the wood consists of removing the irregularities of the product and matching the surface of the wood. There are several tools that are used and although all of them have the same function, that is to say, removing wooden lamellae (shavings), they can not be used interchangeably.

Matchboarding of Wood

The matchboarding is a service of assembly of wooden boards brushed by means of recesses and cuts in their edges, to achieve by means of the succession of pieces fitted together a single smooth, uniform

De este modo, se labra en los cantos de la tabla dos tipos de perfilado: macho, en forma de pestaña sobresaliente, y hembra, en forma de canal; sus medidas están pensadas para lograr una unión perfecta. Para ensamblar las tablas, se encaja el canto cortado en macho de una pieza dentro del canto cortado en hembra de otra pieza, quedando unidas para soportar las cargas propias del uso.

This system is used mainly for wooden floors, where it is sought to achieve a smooth and non-deformable surface against the application of the loads of use. For long boards (3.20 m in length) only two of the four edges are worked, since the dimensioning on site of the pieces does not justify working the four. Where the use of tongue and groove in the four corners is in palmettes for parquet, among others.

Transportation of Freight

Maderera Pizarro offers the transportation service of wood or freight. You can request prices and coverage of this service contacting us in the different communication channels.