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Maderera Pizarro seeks to make a sustainable use of raw materials such as wood, avoiding and reducing the negative impacts of our operations and ensuring their productive capacity in the future.

Forestry being the activity that generates less impact in the Amazonian soil, if it is carried out properly, it would allow exploiting a renewable resource without compromising the needs of future generations, and thus generate permanent wealth in the zones of the region.

In the way of making various activities, we intend to ensure compliance with the rights of our collaborators and to be an active member in their development. On the other hand, to offer quality solutions to our customers and promote the sustainable management of forests nationally and internationally, seeking the continuity of the company and sustainability over time.

Additionally, it should be considered that less than 30% of permanent production forests are valued. This shows that forestry is still far below its potential, according to which the activity represents less than 1% of the economy in Peru.